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3D Studio Max 101: A Comprehensive Guide (DVD)

Creating a training DVD, especially one that was intended to cover the core skills of a complex program like 3D Studio Max, can be quite involved. So, when Riki from Eat3D asked me to do just that I took it seriously and aimed to create the definitive training guide for anyone wanting to get into 3D Studio Max.

After a few months of planning and recording a 2 disc, 22hr DVD was released by Eat3D to great success. The DVD included a wide range of topics such as: viewports, materials, multiple modeling methods, lighting, rendering, scene optimization, rigging, animation, and some effects. Each topic was looked at with simple concepts and examples that ultimately contributed to a final scene. 3D Studio Max scenes accompanied each video so the user never had to worry about getting lost or missing a step.

Creating the DVDs was a lot of work but also fun. I couldn't have been happier with the results. Working with Riki and Eat3D was one of the best profssional relationships I've had. They exhibited top-teir professionalism and were complete pleasure to work with. They have since grown into *the* place for next-gen training and I consider myself fortunate to be a part of their early days. I highly recommend you check out some of their recent offerings.

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