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What started as a simple "brain dump" of all things 3d studio Max grew into a place with over a hundred free tutorials, resources, online mentoring sessions, and a great community.

When I first started EGo Lounge I was simply looking for a place to put a few tutorials on 3d Studio Max. I wanted to give a little back to the CG community and provide resources to those who may not be able to afford "formal training." This seemed like the best way to do it. Shortly after opening the doors I created my "Organic Modeling Series" which was surprisingly popular with over 30,000 downloads. This started to bring a lot of traffic to the site and people started looking for advice on their own projects. So, I added resources, galleries, Q&A sections, and much more to handle the demand as I continued to make tutorials. At one point I was releasing a tutorial every day, many in direct response to user requests. (ex. how would I make a 3d object follow a cloth sim)

The Lounge served a great purpose during it's early years by providing a focused resource site for people in the beginner to intermediate range. The community was very friendly and everyone contributed to each other's learning experience by offering critiques and suggestions. Over the years some truly amazing people have come through the Lounge's doors and I can honestly say that I'm honored to (digitally) know them. While my participation in the lounge has decreased due to other life commitments (which pains me), I check in ocassionally and know it's still in good hands. Many of the resources are still relevant and my new tutorials (often done through the UM3D Lounge) are mirrored there as well.

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