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S.C.I. Hard

Those with spinal cord injuries (SCI), often males ages 15-25, encounter a drastically different world when they are released from the hospital. With varying degrees of disability, mobility and function, the world around them becomes a collection of physical and mental challenges which is a complete departure from their previous lifestyles. Whether they are in crutches or manual/automatic wheelchairs, they need to learn mobility, scheduling, and social tasks once again. Stairs may now be an unsurmountable obstacle. The individual may receive glaring looks from others on the street or be taunted by children. Daily activities often surround the scheduling of their colostomy bag. The list goes on.

This project was initially the conceptualization of several ideas for a complete "manual" to be used by health care professionals working with individuals with SCI. It has since been turned into a larger development effort which has recently been funded by the U.S. Department of Education. This extension of the project would involve the development of a game which teaches those with SCI the necessary skills they need to now learn in a fun, edgy way. Tasks such as scheduling, mobility, and social interaction all become elements of the game as the player builds up their character's abilities and opens up new locations and mini-games they can do.

(concept art: Stephen Bizer)