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Visual Effects Makeup

Ever since I was a little one I have been captivated by visual effects. Many don't realize the time, effort, and skill required to pull off even the simplest effect. While VFX work has been and always will be full of true innovators and some of the hardest working people in the industry, I find myself appreciating traditional effects of older movies more than many CG effects these days. A big part of this is that traditional effects relied more on creating complex effects with simple materials. I loved seeing in old DVD's in which a large effect (like the stargate portal) was created with nothing more than a pool of water. There's still a mysticism there for me. With that being said, I still deeply respect and appreciate the vast worlds possible with today's tools. It's not easy and requires it's own form of innovation.

Anyway, to better understand traditional effects (often referred to as "practical effects") I started experimenting with molds, fake blood recipes, wax wounds, etc. My first venture into this world was the creation of a fake cut on my wife's arm (slide 2). This was done with special wax that molds to the body better than straight parafin wax. (still looking for a cheap alternative) Placing some liquid latex on the skin first, then the wax. (the latex allows for easy removal and is a better glue with the skin) The wax was then molded to look like a wound and painted with reds and blacks (black in the cut, red on edges). After sending a photo to my wife's mother, and subsequently threatened, it was cleaned off by simply pulling the latex up. There's very little reuse with this wax method compared to pure latex, but I liked the look better and its ease of molding.

Another venture into this world was the creation of fake blood since I didn't have the time/resources to do a full fluid simulation on Fallen Souls. So, I mixed up a solution of corn syrup and food coloring for my blood. In this particular cas, the blood needed to spurt out of a neck and flow down (villian has neck slit). Since I didn't have the actor and wasn't on set, I ended up using my wife's thigh since it had the right dimensions and skin tone (my wife is amazingly patient) and poured/squirted plenty of fake blood to get the shot with my HF100. The results were then composited with the original footage and is "passable".

Up next is: prosthetics, deeper wounds, fake teeth.

Special thanks to my wife, Rizza Louella Diones Maslowski