Eric Maslowski, Technical Creative Consultant

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Stereoscopic Second Life

The UM3D Lab has utilized Linden Labs' Second Life source code to develop a stereoscopic viewer which allows for a truly unique Second Life experience. This custom viewer allows the user to see Second Life in 3D on everything from a simple desktop monitor to advanced projection systems similar to IMAX theatres.

Through a request from an 80s rock band to futher develop the viewer for use in their online Second Life fan island, development continued on the second iteraction of the viewer. This version of the viewer was integrated in Dale Glasses patch which provided more controls through the Second Life interface as well as more robust rendering of tricky situatons such as water and reflections.

Due to the update mechanisms employed by Linden Lab's and the continued development required to maintain the patch, the University of Michigan 3D Lab has stopped supporting this patch. Those still using it have claimed success in anaglyph rendering mode but other operations often crash. We recommend you attempt to use NVIDIA's stereoscopic driver as a quick attempt to get stereoscopic viewing back into Second Life.

Some are working on reviving the project within their own groups and tailoring the viewer to their specific needs.