Eric Maslowski, Technical Creative Consultant

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Motion Capture and Movement Experiments

Working for the University of Michigan 3D Lab offers up some very unique situations and equipment. Often these technologies are not fully explored and tested in non-conventional terms due to time. This is an exception to that. While I have done my fair share of lycra arobics and throwing myself to the ground while covered in reflective balls, these experiments go a little beyond that. I played the role of facilitator here and a wall from which Mathew Schwartz and Marc Morriseau could bounce ideas off of. I made sure the resources were available, helped ensure they were working (along with Steffen Heise) and helped out whenever possible.

In the above videos you will see lassos, fencing, martial arts, dancing, tough guys, bouncing balls, a pianist, and hacky sack. The idea was to push the system and gain insight into how it works and where it breaks. We used an 8 camera Vicon Ti40 system for capturing running Blade. From this we found that custom skeletons are possible and fun to rough out ideas, fast moving objects need special software settings, the cameras can capture a pianist in full rythm, and three people being captured at the same time is far more fun than one. We also successfully (on a separate ocassion) captured individuals manual and motorized wheelchairs.

Additional experiments waiting to be done include water, glass, and a variety of blunt objects.