Eric Maslowski, Technical Creative Consultant

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Still - Worker's Web

This project was created for a competition on CGNetworks in April, 2005. The theme was Master/Servant. I chose to depict a single servant (worker) ruled by multiple masters (bosses). The servant is found working franticly at his desk while his many bosses hang around watching him. (WIP Diary)

This piece was created at an interesting time in my life and serves as a reminder of how important the balance between work and personal life is. The characters were modeled in ZBrush (my first project using the app) and cleaned up in Photoshop. The environment and props were all created in 3D Studio Max with everything rendered out using the Mental Ray renderer. I went through many designs and layouts for this project (slide 2 for one design) and finally decided on this wide shot.

A lot of time was spent learning the applications and adding details to the piece. There are many subtle notes, homages, rhymes, and gags in the pages posted on the walls and elsewhere in the piece. I didn't win the competition but was happy with how the piece turned out for a few weeks of intense work.