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Miter Games

Miter Games was created because we felt that the industry has reached a creative plateau of sorts. Many games of the time failed to provide a growing experience for the mind as well as the reflexes. So, we decided to form a company that would specialize in bringing something new to the table. We had no interest in building clones or cash cows and milking them sequel after sequel. We were more interested in trying new ideas, redefining genres, exploring the limits of the medium, and most importantly...having fun.

Miter Games had two projects. The first was a simple gladiator fighting game. (slide 5) It basically consisted of two characters battling it out in an arena with the final version slated to have non-traditional environments and combantants. (Lions with scuba gear attacking in water filled colleseums) We realized this didn't really follow the mission of Miter Games and why we got into it in the first place so we shifted gears back to our original passion, Ethos. Ethos was a large-scale platformer/action/rpg game that allowed you to challenge social factions. As far as the design goes we had this fully fleshed out in terms of the factions, their cast of characters, storylines, etc. but didn't complete the implementation. It's still a game I would like to see (and play) since it was developing into something totally unique but fun.

While Miter Games itself failed to take off due to each member going through transitional periods (and needing $$ to pay bills), our journey into the game development world was incredibly educational. It was my first venture into serious coding as I built our engine time and time again with C++ and OpenGL trying to get the most performance possible out of it. (VTune showed me the danger of overoptimization early in development) I consistently tweaked and refined the character pipeline and ended up devising a system that allowed all characters to share a single texture but staying true to the target visual style. Diving into design documents, color studies, organizational charts, business law, etc. all proved to be skills I would apply consistently throughout my career.

So, I don't have any regrets in going down this route and all of the stress it created. It was a phenominal experience and my partners were the best around. Maybe one day it will be revisited...

Team members: Brett Lyons, Leilah Lyons