Eric Maslowski, Technical Creative Consultant

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VFX - Fallen Souls

This was a fun project. Working closely with director Salvador Romello Barcena I created a few special effects for his movie, Fallen Souls. This was a real challenge since many of the shots weren't setup for fx work (markers, measurements, etc.) so a lot of creative solutions needed to be created. Most of the work involved face replacements of the main villian as well as a few other elements such as severed arms and glowing fabrics. The shots were all done on zero budget and "spare" time.

The digital face was modeled from photographs and placed over the actors real face using tracking data from SynthEyes as a reference. Tracking the face was a major pain since there was a bunch of wax/crustiness on the actors mouth to help him get into character and his hair was down over his eyes moving around. Some of the shots even had him moving wildly which made it really difficult to track.

The crash shots (slide 2) relied on more SynthEyes tracking to track an open field with zero markers. I remember obsessing over one rock in the center of the road for most tracks since it was the only feature with contrast. After getting a basic track, the digital face was placed on a custom digital body (slide 3) for the fallen angel.

Sal is a great director and a true inspiration. What he sacrificed was nothing short of amazing and I felt honored to work with him on this project.

Special thanks: Salvador Romello Barcena, Abdulaziz Aldigs(!), Victor Uhal