Eric Maslowski, Technical Creative Consultant

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Dead Retired

This image came from an idea I had many years ago about a retirement home for zombies. Old zombies who are no longer able to work in horror movies and have become a drain on their families. The animation it was intended to be never went anywhere but I decided to still do a small/quick image. The image itself originated back to 2005 but sat idle for many years as my focus shifted more onto programming. However, I couldn't resist it calling me and decided to pick it up again in late 2011 for a few nights.

There weren't any unique techniques here. The characters were modeled in ZBrush and retopologized there as well. Their textures were created using the older "projection master" method inside of ZBrush. The environment was modeled inside of 3D Studio Max. Materials, lights, and rendering were all done with Brazil (my renderer of choice at the time). The models are highly inefficient, the textures have some of the worst "auto-UVs" one can find. The entire image could be categorized as a "stumble" as the various pieces were pulled together into what you see here. Something better than a sketch but less than a fully polished work.

With all that being said, the image still brings a smile to my face since I still love the concept and full story/script associated with it (may post it one day).