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Still - Another Day

Decided to do a tutorial for PixelCorps on Organic Modeling in 3D Studio Max showing a method I've been using since the 90s. The tutorials were a big success and something I wanted to build on. Enter "Alfred" as a man on a journey.

The main character was created using a method that focuses on the major feature points of a face and the natural flow from one feature to the next to define topology. The method works well with novices as opposed to traditional box modeling since the artist creates a "blueprint" and guidelines early in the process. Once the guidelines are created it's simply a matter of drawing 3 sided and 4 sided shapes to create the surfaces. It's a very technical approach to organic modeling unlike recent digital sculpting methods, but helps learn proper topology regardless of the reference. (tutorial series)

The rest of the scene was created using common methods such as bump maps, specular maps, and basic material properties. Everything was rendered in Mental Ray and composited in layers since objects we're too dense for my computer at the time. I went overboard with "dirtiness" which hurt the composition and subdued contrast in the scene, but I still like the piece.

High Resolution